Sand filters are still one of the top filtration systems used throughout the pool industry. They need to be monitored closely to ensure the media inside the tank stays smooth and does not solidify.

If this happens, the sand filter’s efficiency will degrade severely as water will not be able to pass through the sand. Many times just backwashing the filter will correct the problem. But if it doesn’t then the sand must be changed inside the filter.

You can add a filter cleaner additive as it gives sand filters an extra boost to remain effective. Or,one can also use a dry clarifier to help remove fine particulate. Using a dry clarifier increases filter  efficiency by penetrating the sand with a polymer formula and restores water quality after heavy rain and/or bather loads. This product attracts very small matter and captures it in the filter sand.

However, sand must still be changed every 5 to 6 years.

But if you use glass media in your sand filter, instead of sand, you get filtration down to 2 microns, and it lasts 10 years in the filter tank. It’s far, far superior to sand! Questions call: Rich at; 609-313-0300