Over the years, the pool industry has seen many changes, when it comes to types of filtration systems being used.

There have been sand filters in use for decades. Also, DE (diatomaceous earth) filters have been popular. But today many pool owners are switching to cartridge filters.

DE filters have been known to give the finest filtration of the pool-water. But they require a lot more care and maintenance than sand filters. And one must continually buy more DE powder, every time the filter is backwashed to clean it. Many pool owners don’t want to spend extra time cleaning their filter systems, during their swimming season.

So sand filters are the easiest to care for, but don’t filter as fine as DE. But today we can use GLASS MEDIA in sand filters, that filters down to the fineness of DE filters. The glass media is made from ground-up beer bottles, and wine bottles. This glass pool-filter media is used all over Europe, and also in many water treatment systems of major cities, to make clean drinking water.

We feel that glass or cartridge is the way to go. Questions call Rich: 609-313-0300