There are several different types of pool finishes for today’s backyard pool. The old standby, the “WHITE PLASTER” pool has been popular for many years. But there is a problem with that finish type of pool. It is a somewhat reliable product with an expected lifetime of 5 to 8 years before replastering of your concrete pool becomes necessary, but it is the least durable and most susceptible to visible staining. It’s also vulnerable to altered appearance and damage due to either pool installation practices or water chemistry. The durability of standard white plaster can be improved with certain expensive additives such as pozzalans that have been shown to reduce cracking, mottling, and other problems.

A better choice are VINYL-LINERS. Vinyl-liner pools are perfect for a prospective pool-owner on a budget. They are easier to maintain and can be expected to last for many years with only the need to change the liner in about 10 to 15 years. And the cost of a liner change is far, far less than replastering a concrete pool. They will cost a lot less to maintain year in and year out, and require less chemicals each season, which means less out-of-pocket costs each year. And they feel better on the skin and won’t cause skin-cuts or torn bathing suits.