Gas heater issues tend to develop during the winter, and can make for a problem start-up for the next spring pool-opening.

A gas pool-heater, because it’s kept outside all winter, is particularly vulnerable to environmental wear and tear.


Leaves and other debris can easily clog up a heater during the winter, when the absence of airflow allows them to accumulate. Upon start-up, thoroughly clean out anything that fell inside the heater by taking the square flat-top draft-hood off, for inspection & vacuum cleaning.

Also inspect the bottom of the heater for obstructions around the burner tray.

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A lot of people have trees with leaves hanging over the top of the heater, and those leaves can, and do, fall in, during the winter months. This falling leaves, tres or plant debris, from winter, can obstruct it’s airflow.

Some pool-owners bury the area around the heater, AND PUMP  MOTOR, with mulch, or stones. BAD !   This must be cleared away before start-up!

In Part Two we will discuss: ‘ANIMALS’ and rodents, that can eat materials in your heater.

In Part Three we will discuss: ‘MOISTURE & WIND’ that can rust your heater’s interior.

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