Dichlor Shock for Vinyl Liner Pools

It’s one of the most familiar and trusted products in the pool industry, yet few people who use it dichlor, in their vinyl liner pools, know much about it.

It will kill algae, oxidize waste and provide an acceptable chlorine residual. Ands it’s totally safe for vinyl liner pools. It’s typically sold in granular form and provides a simple way to chlorinate vinyl liner pools. It’s completely soluble in water. Also, dichlor does not contribute to scaling, making it suitable for hard water.

In addition to its use as a primary sanitizer, dichlor can control algae and oxidize contaminants and chloramines. If the proper concentration of free chlorine(1 to 4 ppm) is maintained in the vinyl lijer pool with dichlor, pool water will be properly sanitized. That is, the bacteria will be killed fast enough to control their population in the pool water.

Dichlor is typically applied by broadcasting the product directly into the deep end water of the vinyl-lined pool. Granular dichlor is often used to treat black algae that commonly grow in the cracks and crevices of the pool surface. Granular dichlor is acceptable for use in vinyl-lined pools for this purpose. However, the user must follow all instructions provided on the product label.