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Until Now, you have only heard of 2 Types of Vinyl Liner Pool Walls…
Steel Walls and Polymer-Plastic Walls

Steel Walls are stronger than Polymer Walls…
This is especially true where the earth moves during freeze/thaw seasons.

Polymer Walls have been known to bulge,
break at the seams and crack.

For sheer strength-STEEL is the material of choice.
However, Polymer wall manufacturers will tell you
their walls don’t rust.

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Which Brings us to the 3rd type of pool wall
Our Exclusive…

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Polyester Powder-Coated Pool-Wall  System
Virtually Impervious to rust & corrosion!

We start with “CARDINAL” 14 gauge, G235 galvanized steel panels. Galvanized-steel is just another word for Zinc-coated steel. (2.35 ounces of zinc per sq. foot.)

We then coat the entire panel with an electrostatically applied polyester resin.
The panels are then baked in a 400 degree oven where the resin is
permanently bonded to the steel.

This re-establishes the corrosion resistance in areas such as skimmer cut-outs, bolt holes
and cut edges where galvanization has been compromised.

The Result…
the strongest, no-rust, pool wall



The following 2 pictures show cracks in Polymer Pool-Wall Panels

cracks in Polymer Pool-Wall Panels
cracks in Polymer Pool-Wall PanelsThe next photos show the rust on typical galvanized steel (zinc coated) pool walls.rusty in ground pool walls