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Lounger Ledge

Paradise Pool Builds First “LOUNGER LEDGE” aka “TANNING LEDGE” in a Vinyl-Liner Pool in South Jersey

I received a call in early 2015, from a potential new-construction customer in South Jersey. They previously called another local vinyl-liner pool builder with a request to have a Lounger-Ledge built into a Vinyl Pool. That builder said that it could not be built in vinyl-liner pools and turned down the job.

Now I’m a custom vinyl-liner pool-builder in South Jersey. So after researching this idea, I knew it could be built. So I took the job.

  This is a 40 foot oval-end ‘L’ shaped pool. In the shallow-end ‘L’ is the 12 foot wide oval lounger-ledge. The ledge has approximately 12″ to 14″ of water on it. There is one step down to the lounger-ledge platform and another step down to a typical shallow area.

We dug the pool and assembled our “POLYSTEEL”  pool-walls in the usual manner. We paid special attention to the components and bracing of the steel ledge-frame and 12 foot wide step at the end.  The photograph below, shows only the start of the stone-fill. Actually the stone was filled high enough to allow for 4 to 5 inches of  poured concrete.

lounger-ledge construction

The concrete-ledge was then trowled to a smooth finish.
Please see photos below….




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 The vinyl material for the steps and the entire flat area of the lounger-ledge is “Merlin’s Tex-Step” vinyl which makes it far less slippery under the user’s feet. Also, notice the “CARDINAL” blue entry step, instead of the typical white entry step, on the right side of the photo.



We are the most experienced & most successful builder of the “LOUNGER LEDGE” or TANNING LEDGE for VINYL-LINER POOLS in South Jersey! We have been building them in South Jersey since 2015. Here are some other photos of  “Ledges” on our Vinyl-liner pools.

Presented and Built by:
Richard Demarco, APSP-CBP; Paradise Pool and LLC in Avalon, New Jersey