Here are two tips to ensure salt systems work at peak performance.

The most common problem-increased scaling- requires chemical balance adjustments and old fashioned elbow grease.

SCALING: The salt cell creates a chemical reaction around the cathode and anode in the cell to produce sodium hydroxide as a by product of the electrolytic chlorine generation process, and this leads to scaling on the cathode.

SECOND: Not all salt that people add to their pool is 100% pure. Not so pure salt can breakdown into by products, such as orthophosphates, which feed algae and can contribute to scaling. However, many salt units come with indicators to tell when it’s time to check for excessive cell scaling.

To rid the cell of calcium deposits, immerse the cell in a solution of one part muriatic acid and three parts water, in a bucket. Soak the cell for about 15 minutes or so, keeping the cord out of the solution, as to not damage the cord. Use a hose to spray inside the cell, when removed from the bucket, and dislodge any leftover scale.

But remember, proper water chemistry balance is very important in a salt water pool.

Total Alkalinity, PH, and Calcium Hardness are very important to keep in proper levels, to reduce scaling! Richard DeMarco: 609-313-0300…