Here is how a salt chlorination system works on your vinyl-liner pool.

  1. OPERATION: Salt chlorinators turn ordinary salt into an endless supply of chlorine. About 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon is all that is needed.
  2. CORRECTING MYTHS: Salt is not a sanitizer, Chlorine is! Salt systems just make chlorine! A salt pool is not ocean water. Salt does not wear out, degrade or evaporate. Under-sizing a salt system can lead to sanitizer problems because chlorine production can not keep up with the demand of the vinyl-liner pool water, because the system must be greater than the gallons of pool-water. The result is algae and  unhealthy water due to undersizing the salt-cell. A cell can almost never be too big because output can be easily adjusted downward by the pool-user.
  3. CORRECTING MISCONCEPTIONS: No.1 Pool water chemistry is not different for salt-pools. PH, Alkalinity,etc. must be kept in the same ranges as non-salt pools. No.2 You do not have a chemical-free pool with salt. Salt only produces chlorine. Again, all other chemicals are needed to balance the pool-water the same as in a non-salt vinyl-liner pool. No.3 You might have to add chlorine at some time in the swimming season. Extremely high bather loads, or an extreme weather event, like super heavy rains or huge temperature swings can be cause for a need to add chlorine in addition to the salt system. No.4. You typically will not taste the salt in a salt-chlorinated pool. It is only about 1/10 the salt concentration of the ocean. In fact, salt levels in a salt-pool are about the same salinity as the human tear, and that’s why eyes aren’t irritated like they are after swimming in chemical chlorine-treated vinyl-liner pools.
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