For Vinyl Pools, the benefits of salt chlorination are many. No.1 COMFORT: Traditional chlorine, when combined swimmer waste and bacteria, creates chloramines; an undesirable side effect associated with chlorine.

But salt chlorinators continuously oxidize, or eliminate chloramines, and create 100% pure free chlorine, in a vinyl pool.

You will have less irritation to eyes and skin; No bleaching of hair, and bathing suits; Elimination of chlorine odors, luxuriously soft water, and unmatched water quality that you can actually feel the difference.


Vinyl Pool Water with salt chlorination: 2,500-3,500 ppm

Human taste levels: 3,500 ppm

Human tears & body: 3,500 ppm

Contact lens cleaner/saline: 6,000 ppm

Sea Water/ Jersey Shore Ocean: 35,000 ppm

No.2 CONVENIENCE: Salt chlorination continuously and automatically chlorinate you vinyl pool. It avoids the highs and lows associated with manual addition of chlorine to the vinyl pool water.

and No.3 COST: Salt chlorination of vinyl pools can save owners 50% or more on chlorine costs. Salt does not wear out, degrade or evaporate. Salt only leaves the pool through splash out and backwashing-not evaporation! It is converted back to salt solution after use. a vinyl pool will have a constant supply of salt to continuously convert into fresh, pure chlorine, as long as long as the pump is running.

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