Routine maintenance for vinyl-liners is not all that difficult. Dirt and grime that accumulate at the waterline can play a major role in shortening the life of a vinyl-liner.

Similar to the “bathtub ring”, the phenomenon usually is caused by airborne debris mixing with body and suntan oils and other organics, and collecting on the vinyl-liner. It’s then baked in by the sun, which can cause the vinyl-liner to dry and crack prematurely.

Care must be taken to wipe down the waterline on a regular basis. Use a plain sponge or one in conjunction with a recommended vinyl-liner cleaner to stave off dirt and grime buildup.

Be careful what you use. A soft sponge is recommended. Anything abrasive can cause a problem with the vinyl-liner. You can actually rub the pattern right off.

If grime has accumulated, it’s important to use only cleaners approved by the manufacturer for use on vinyl-liners. Never use petroleum-based products because they can rapidly deteriorate vinyl. If you decide to go with a vinyl cleaner, test it in the pool first. Do it in an inconspicuous area to ensure there are no surprises.

Regular brushing is needed to keep excessive chlorine from clinging to the walls and fading the vinyl-liner pattern. Once the waterline is clean, it’s a good idea to add a layer of protection. Many products that are not petroleum or alcohol-based are available. They will protect the vinyl-liner from further buildup.

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