Taming stains in vinyl-liner pools is an important pool care that should be considered. Air temperature is a major factor which has a profound effect on water.

Vinyl-liner pool veterans say to keep free chlorine levels between 1.0ppm and 1.5ppm when the temperature is below 70 degrees. When the temperature is above 70 degrees keep the free chlorine levels  between 3ppm and 5ppm. If the chlorine drops below 1.0ppm when the temperature is close to 70 degrees or above, algae blooms and unchecked bacteria growth may occur.

This is not only unhealthy, but it also can cause stains to appear on the vinyl-liner. The problem can be further exacerbated if it’s accompanied by a PH level that drops below the 7.0 mark. SO KEEP YOUR PH OF YOUR VINYL-LINER POOL at 7.2 minimum, and not higher than 7.6.

When you close a vinyl-liner pool for the winter, this can all become a bigger problem. With temperature changes in winter, you run the risk of the vinyl-liner cracking. But typically if you close the vinyl-liner pool for the winter with the water properly balanced, it will be the same when you open it up next spring.

Acids used in pool care-the stabilizing type and those used for PH adjustment-should be taken into account as well. Because chlorine levels are depleted by ultraviolet light. So the water in a vinyl-liner pool must be stabilized for the winter closing season. There are many charts, that you can access, to determine how, and how much, to stabilize a vinyl-liner pool. Questions call Rich: 609-313-0300..www.paradisepoolandspa.com