Water can dissolve almost anything, from sugar to cement. One thing it can’t dissolve is oil! Thus the old adage, “Water and oil don’t mix.” The electrons of a water molecule are similar to sugar or cement; therefore, the substance will become soluble.  However, the electrons of hydrocarbons such as oil are not similar to water and, therefore, they repel each other.

Oil will float because it is lighter than water. In a pool, oil can be introduced in a number of ways. Suntan lotions, sunscreens, deodorants, makeup, and hair care products. Almost anything people apply to their skin contains oil.

Oil in pool water will combine with small particles of dirt to form scum that will stick to the waterline and filter media.

In the last 30 years, two naturally based technologies have led the way in fighting and removing oils from pool water. One is chitosan and the other is enzymes! We will discuss enzymes!


Enzymes are catalysts or agents of change. Their purpose, on a cellular level, is to accelerate chemical reactions quickly. They are actually non-living proteins that speed-up the break-down process so that reaction, which usually take much longer, can be produced at a faster rate.

In pool water, enzymes act like chemical knives to cut up and reduce oils, greases, and proteins to  their elemental building blocks of carbon dioxide and water.

A good broad-based spectrum enzyme formula will include many types of enzymes to deal with non-living organics, that can lead to common pool-water maintenance issues. They will clear the pool-water quickly and easily. They can be purchased at any pool store.

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