Vinyl liner Pool Construction has been around for decades.

It is different from concrete pool construction, in that there are either steel or plastic/polymer walls installed first, in the ground, before the liner goes in, as opposed to spraying a plaster finish to hold water. The vinyl liner holds the water in the pool with no leaking.

Vinyl liner pools constructed of steel-walls are still stronger than those built with plastic/polymer walls. Although steel walls, on vinyl liner pools, has been known to rust over time.

Steel is strong and dimensionally stable. It is infinitely customizable with steps, benches, waterfalls, spas, tanning decks, cuddle coves, lounger ledges and more. It is also much faster construction compared to concrete pool construction. With Cardinal System Inc., of Pennsylvania, you get precision fabrication of any pool-shape, in a factory environment, as opposed to on-site in bad weather environments. They manufacture the finest G-235 galvanized steel pool-panel.

Ok yes, steel can rust and corrode.

That’s why we take, that well manufactured, Cardinal Pool-panel and then coat the entire panel and all cutouts and edges with Polyester Powder Coat. Galvanization is lost on all steel-edges, skimmer, light & return-fitting cutouts, bolt holes and rivets. This powder-coating re-establishes, rust and corrosion resistance on all the parts of the pool-panel, where there is no galvanization.

John Deer tractor’s, Green & Yellow color is powder-coating, NOT PAINT! Also BILCO doors are now offered with powder-coating in several colors, to stop rust and re-painting of their basement door entries.

One should only build their in-ground vinyl liner pool with Polyester Powder Coated Steel Walls, not plastic/polymer walls, and not concrete.

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