Tanning ledges or also known as Lounger Ledges have become very popular today with new pool construction.

Why is there a rise in popularity? It adds an entirely new and different dimension to how people use their pools. With an average depth of 14 inches, in a vinyl-liner pool, it seems perfect to lounging partially submerged in water and enjoying the sun tanning experience.

Up until now it was not thought of for Vinyl-Liner Pools. But we have perfected the building of this feature into a typical vinyl-liner pool. We use special techniques that make it a viable vinyl pool option.

Plus we use special, non-skid, vinyl liners, on the lounger-ledge area, and that makes it easy to walk into and play or just sit, either in the water with no chaise lounge, or on chairs and lounges, some made specifically for this tanning ledge.

Most of the Lounger-Ledges, that we build, are approximately 8 to 10 wide, allowing for plenty of room for chaise lounges. As an example, if your pool is 16 feet wide, we might build a 10 x 16 foot ledge with approximately 11-14 inches of water, or a 12′ x 10′ ledge as part of a true-‘L’ pool, as seen in this photo. Questions call: Rich at: 609-313-0300.in-ground-pool-construction