We are often asked; What do we think about salt water pools.

We have been building pools with salt-water systems since 1990.

Our salt chlorine generators are far and away the favorite item on the pools that we build.

People ask: “What is a salt-water pool?” You simple add table salt to your pool. You can’t taste it. It’s only 3,000 parts per million of salt, whereas the ocean is 35,000 to 50,000 PPM of salt.

In a salt pool and electrode, called a cell, is installed in the plumbing line. The electrical reaction with the salt in the water creates Free Chlorine Gas. This sanitizes your pool water while your pump is running. The chlorine produced by a salt water pool is a higher quality of chlorine, that does not have the negative effects of traditional chlorine, like the chloramine smell, red eyes, and itchy skin.

With a salt pool you no longer have to purchase chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine or shock, as the salt system will be creating all of your chlorine.


  1. No buying of chlorine at your pool store.
  2. No hand adding of chlorine.
  3. No shocking, except in beginning of season, in most cases.
  4. You are making your own chlorine.
  5. No chlorine smell.
  6. No red eyes or itchy skin.
  7. It’s all natural.
  8. No green pool in most cases, if pump and filtration system is operating properly and running long enough each day.