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These 2 letters were received from two of our many clients in Sewell, N.J..
I finally gave in to my family’s request for an in-ground pool this summer and, now that the entire process is over, must comment on the company we used and its owner/operator, Rich DeMarco. We started by checking out all the major companies, the ones you have heard of, the biggest names, to get pricing and ask questions. After a few stops, I decided to go on-line and look at the reviews for these companies. What I found was quite disturbing. One horror story after another of poor workmanship, unprofessional conduct, failure to stand behind the products and poor quality equipment. It almost stopped our project before we got started. I then put the search terms “best pool company of South Jersey” in and up popped Paradise Pool and Spa of Avalon, NJ,, owned by Rich DeMarco. I was astounded when review after review raved about the quality of this company’s work and, more importantly, the integrity of the owner. I was not expecting what I read. Based on what I read, I did not hesitate to hire this company to install our pool at my home in Cherry Hill. I have waited until the pool was completed, approved by Cherry Hill and closed for the season before writing this as I wanted to comment on all aspects of the experience. I can now add my review to those I read on-line, with confidence. First, my heartfelt thanks to Paradise Pool and Rich Demarco and his workers for a great job from start to finish. In addition to his many years of expertise, his extensive knowledge of the products and the pool industry overall, Rich brings the intangibles of dependability and honesty that you pray for as a customer when starting a large project such as this. This man shows up when he says he will, keeps a tight schedule and keeps his word when it comes to costs. He provides his customers with his personal cell phone number from day one and he answers it when you call. Anyone who has dealt with contractors of any kind knows how valuable this is. Rich patiently answers all questions and quickly addresses all concerns along the way. He is personally on the job as it proceeds so there is no chasing after him or questioning his commitment to completing the work in a timely fashion. His hands- on involvement ensures the success of the project. He also connected us with the other contractors necessary to complete the project, from electricians, plumbers, concrete suppliers fence installers and landscapers, all of which provided us with high quality work. The finished product turned out even better than we expected. In all, a project that appears to have been a nightmare for so many turned out to be an unexpected pleasure for us, thanks to Paradise Pool and Rich DeMarco. Thanks Rich for a wonderful job.
Clark Pease, Esq.

Well, six years later and you still stand by your customers!
Thank you very much for your prompt response to my issue!
You are “Old School” with your business – something that you can’t find today -something I appreciate!
Thanks Again
Angela Menaldi

“Building superior vinyl-liner inground pools since 1989”

Imagine shimmering, liquid luxury in your BACKYARD PARADISE…

• When you turn to PARADISE POOL, you can breathe easy, assured that you have selected the best in the business. Since 1989, the names Paradise Pool and Richard DeMarco have been synonymous with integrity, reliability and quality pool building!
• When it’s time to make your backyard dream a PARADISE reality, ask the critical question, “Are you sure you want to take a chance with anything less than the very best?”
• We have installed pools for some of your neighbors…give us a call and we would be happy to supply you with a list of references, and design a backyard PARADISE for you!

A Paradise Pool features the finest in materials, designs
and expert construction techniques, offering you…
• Custom residential pools
• Free-form pools
• Grecian, Rectangular, L-shaped and Oval-shaped pools
• Any custom-shaped pool of any size!

Paradise Pool owner, Richard DeMarco, is the first South Jersey pool builder to use, build, or install…
• Saltwater chlorine generation
• Dual main drains
• The PACIFIC Mountain Lake Pool
• Polysteel wall construction
• Zeolite